September 24, 2018

Still Hanging on to Windows 7? It May Cost You.

by Tushar Nene in Microsoft, Software


Ahhh, Windows 7.

We will admit, it is a great operating system, and a lot of users are still clinging to it after the debacle that was Windows 8. It’s even made some users and IT shops gun shy when it comes to migrating to Windows 10.  But according to Microsoft, that’s only going to last you for so long.

In a recent blog post entitled “Helping Customers Shift to a Modern Desktop,” Microsoft has drawn a clear line in the sand when it comes to continued support for Windows 7. It has already been extended to January 14, 2020, but that’s going to be it. Past this date, for enterprise Windows 7 volume licenses, Microsoft will offer paid support for organizations through 2023.

Windows and Active Directory is what runs a lot of corporate networks, and having migration plans well ahead of time saves time, headaches, and most importantly – money. This is a rerun of what happened with Windows XP years ago, which existed in the same kind of scenario. Windows Vista was widely reviled to the point where OEMs were offering downgrades to XP as selling points for their computers. Users and IT shops hung onto XP as long as they could and didn’t develop new systems that could run on newer versions of Windows in time. The result? A $30 billion bill to the IRS. $9.1 million to the United States Navy. £5.5 million to the UK government for only 12 months of support as examples.

These may be extreme cases, but they are not by any means rare, and should still serve as cautionary tales for corporate users with enterprise Windows 7 contracts.

T minus 15 months to go if you fall under this category. That’s plenty of time to get a migration plan in place, and Near the Sun is here to help. Fill out our contact form here or send us an email at We’ll make sure you’re up to the mark with your Windows systems.

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